YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program

With YouTube, you can now not only watch funny cats but also make money. This is especially relevant for website owners, bloggers, and online store owners. Start creating videos - it will not only enhance the attractiveness of your website but also allow you to earn additional income and attract visitors.

To earn money, you need to link your YouTube and AdSense accounts. AdSense is where you will receive money from video views, and it is also where you will withdraw them. You can also earn from your website by displaying AdSense ads, thereby reaching the minimum payout threshold faster.

Ways to Earn on YouTube

Currently, there are three main ways to earn through the YouTube Partner Program.

  1. Earning from video advertising. This can be a small ad block displayed over your video or video ads shown before or after your video.
  2. Paid channels. Payment is collected for subscribing to a channel. However, this doesn't prevent you from creating several free videos on the channel for preview. Additionally, all channels have a trial subscription. This option is more challenging for beginners and requires more responsibility and regular addition of new videos. By the way, you can still include ads within the video on a paid channel.
  3. Advertising your own products. If you sell any products online, hold the license, and have all the rights to the product, you can create an advertisement and include a link for purchasing the product. Just make sure to review the list of approved online stores.

How Much Can You Earn in the YouTube Partner Program?

Let's consider the first earning method, which is also the most popular - income from video advertising.

On average, you can earn $1 for every 1000 views, depending on the topic. At first glance, it may not seem like much, considering it's a whole thousand viewers! You still need to attract all of them. It will be very helpful if you have your own website where you can showcase your videos, as these will be your initial viewers. This works in reverse as well - people can first find your videos in the YouTube search and then visit your website through them.

With sufficient traffic to your website or blog, it won't be too difficult to find 1000 viewers and earn your first dollar. And remember, there can be (and should be) more than one video.

Some videos gain popularity rapidly and effortlessly. I've come across instances with hundreds of thousands of views, even though it was the only video on the channel and not of particularly high quality, but it had a catchy and attention-grabbing title.

How to Start Earning on YouTube

Creating video content is not difficult to master. You don't have to run around with a camera, buy an expensive microphone, or learn complex video editing techniques.

You can even never appear in the videos or use your own voice if you're shy or feel it's not for you. For example, you can make screen recordings and create instructional videos for different software programs in which you are knowledgeable. You can even provide commentary in text form.

More outgoing individuals can set up a camera on a tripod (or hand it to a friend) and personally talk to their audience, occasionally inserting other (their own) video clips.

And of course, there's the middle ground, which is quite popular and straightforward. You don't appear in the videos but provide voice commentary on the happenings.

The YouTube Partner Program is gaining momentum and can become an excellent source of income, both independently and as a great addition to a blog or website.