What is inbound marketing

What is inbound marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the natural attraction of consumers to various digital touchpoints of a company through specific techniques. Among them, the following are worth noting:

1. Social media marketing

Social media is essential for organic consumer attraction as it provides broad reach. Links and content created for sites such as YouTube, Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, or Twitter allow for generating more interest due to the millions of users who connect to these platforms daily.

For example, short, engaging, and optimized status updates on Facebook with a link to the brand's online store are a simple yet powerful technique for increasing inbound sales. The same applies to Instagram, thanks to its new e-commerce features.

2. Content marketing

Content is a crucial factor in generating inbound sales. The quality, style, format, and structure naturally attract customers who are seeking solutions to their needs, those who research, seek advice, and require specific information before making a purchase decision.

For example, a video marketing campaign for a travel company, supplemented by posts on a corporate blog, will create a powerful level of attention by presenting an appealing and irresistible offer to the audience in a specific and creative form.

3. SEO

Each content segment should also be optimized so that users can find it with every search query on Google, Bing, or their chosen search engine.

For example, users should not notice which keywords you use in your posts. On the contrary, reading and accessing the content should be natural and seamless to avoid giving users the feeling that you are directly selling something to them.

4. Native advertising

These types of advertisements, which closely resemble regular links on a specific website, can complement an inbound campaign perfectly as they naturally capture the consumer's attention without interrupting their experience.

For example, when promoting your software services on technology websites, you should direct subscribers of that environment to your target pages in a discreet and natural manner, simply because they were attracted to your offer and not because you paid for a thousand simultaneous pop-up windows.