Ways to check social media group fraud

Ways to check social media group fraud

How to check if your competitor is using fake "ghost" followers on social media? Or are real users really rushing there like "bees to honey"?
Have you thought about inviting a celebrity or blogger to promote your product or yourself?
Overall, it's a good idea, but why do celebrities and bloggers themselves use not quite clean methods to increase the number of subscribers, likes, and comments?

How to check this?

There are several ways to identify so-called "dead souls". First, determine the cheat yourself:

  • Go through the likes under the post. If most of the accounts are blocked, then this is a "cemetery of the dead". Visit the pages of the accounts that liked the publication. If they have no avatar or wall posts, then it's a fake, a cheat.
  • Read the comments carefully: If one post in a group receives 100 likes, while another has none, then most likely this post was promoted with targeted advertising, and other group posts are not popular. Also, if under a deep information post, you see such comments as: "WOW!; GO AHEAD!; INTERESTING!" - again, fake accounts are revealed to us, so analyze the meaning load of both the posts and the comments under them carefully.
  • Where there are no "dead souls", there is always a gradual increase in likes, comments, subscribers. In this case, all users are "alive." But why bother with this yourself when there are special services? They can compare metrics with similar accounts and give an accurate assessment.

Let's look at them to understand the swamp of social "lies":


LiveDune is one of the main services for marketers and SMM specialists for reporting and analytics. The daily assistant in social networks attracts users, monitors the budget, and turns a simple user into a paying customer. For your convenience, the service has an autoposting of publications, a calendar in which you can control the dates and time of posts.


DataFan is a social media analytics and targeted advertising service. Supports all 5: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Also, DataFan has Google Data Studio templates that can be used as is or customized.


InBlogs is a service for identifying inflated followers and likes. It shows the cost of advertising for bloggers and detects fake accounts, bots, and the average number of likes and comments. It is much more pleasant to work with real users when there are no "dead souls" in your account.
Before rushing headlong to another blogger or "burnt-out theater" star asking them to promote you on social media, pay attention to their "live" statistics. Take a look at their pages and check how real their followers are. By evaluating the results for their honesty, you will protect yourself and save money. If you want to do everything quickly and professionally, use the above-mentioned "lie detectors" and go full speed ahead!