Top services get VK subscribers + free methods

Top services get VK subscribers + free methods

Top services get VK subscribers

Today we will be looking at the top services for boosting subscribers on VKontakte (VK). The Russian social network was founded on October 10, 2006, with headquarters in Saint Petersburg. According to the platform itself, in 2022, the audience amounted to over 76 million users, and the figures will continue to grow every year. It is the most extensive online service in Russia, and it is used by businessmen, bloggers, and owners of various groups. However, all of them also use services to boost their audience and more. Let's take a look at some of the programs they use.

First, it is essential to understand that most of these services have similar interfaces, functionality, and costs. Their goal is to provide you with the required number of subscribers, likes, and comments. Sometimes, "real" users perform some tasks for a "reward," such as liking, commenting, subscribing to your account - all the same things that the boosting service gives you.


SMMPRIME is a service for quality boosting: subscribers, likes, and comments. It helps in promoting with a new technology in audience segmentation - you can choose gender: male/female, etc. The main thing is confidentiality. No one will know that you are using the program.


Prskill promotes businesses, brands, or personal pages on social networks. It has a wide selection of boosting options, including subscribers, likes and dislikes, video views, comments, likes on comments, reviews, polls, votes, and reposts of live broadcasts. PRSkill is a service that provides complete security. Thanks to monitoring social network policies and using innovative promotion algorithms, your account will not be banned.

Services with internal currency

The following services are for an exchange where you can earn internal currency by performing various tasks for other platform users and spend it on boosting your account.


VKSerfing is a reliable service for promoting communities and targeting. It also allows you to earn money using your VKontakte account by completing tasks such as joining groups, liking posts, and reposting. The service fully protects customers from bots and violators. It's an excellent service for exchange and earning.


Unu is a service for increasing activity, improving the rating of mobile applications, and promoting websites to the top of search engines. Unu offers a function to earn money by completing service tasks. The earned funds can be withdrawn to a card or an online wallet. "Real" followers for your account, with whom you can set the time for performing actions.

We have reviewed several services for mass increase of subscribers, both with "bots" and "real" users. The choice of which one to use is, of course, up to you. All of them are safe and provide good results. The main thing is that you will feel calm using these services, and no one will reveal your trick!

Tips for VK

And now, a couple of good tips:

  • If you often artificially increase your number of followers, VK's neural network can catch you and ban your account. Therefore, use such services carefully, follow a natural progression in your number of followers, likes, and other metrics.
  • Host live streams with your audience more often, organize giveaways, and give gifts. This will generate interest in your account and allow you to attract a real target audience.
  • Lastly, create interesting content and upload posts every day. If your budget allows, hire an SMM specialist who will manage your page and come up with interesting ideas.

Modern methods of promoting social networks can give you the desired result quickly, but only in terms of numbers on your page. Remember that the other side of this promotion is irreversible, and if the neural network catches you, it's GAME OVER!