TikTok Surpasses YouTube in Watch Time

TikTok Surpasses YouTube in Watch Time

New TikTok Record

It's a trendy phenomenon among young people. This app, which allows users to record and view short videos often accompanied by music, continues to gain popularity worldwide.
Launched in 2016 by the Chinese company ByteDance, this app has seen tremendous success in recent years.
In early 2021, it broke a new record, becoming the most downloaded app in the world.
It surpassed 3 billion downloads globally, joining Facebook and its subsidiaries among the most popular social networks on the planet.
It's also estimated that users of the app spent $900 million in 2020 alone. Since its creation, the Chinese platform has surpassed the $2.5 billion mark in user spending.
According to the latest report from App Annie, a company specializing in mobile app-related statistics, TikTok has just surpassed Google's video platform in terms of average watch time per user.

26 Hours of Watch Time per Month

In the United States, according to statistics from August 2021, internet users spent an average of 26 hours per month on TikTok compared to 24 hours per month on YouTube!
The difference is small, but it's a remarkable achievement for the Chinese social network to surpass the video platform of the American giant Google in the United States.

A Powerful Symbol

This announcement is a powerful symbol, considering that App Annie made the same observation in the United Kingdom. In this geographic region, the gap between the two video sharing platforms has even widened.
An average British user spends 16 hours per month on YouTube compared to 26 hours on TikTok!
In France, TikTok still lags behind, ranking only 4th among the most popular social networks after YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

A Sensation in Short Formats

TikTok's success over the past years further confirms users' enthusiasm for short formats.
Originally, this Chinese social network stood out among competitors by offering one-minute short videos.
Since July 2021, the maximum video length in this app has been increased from 1 to 3 minutes, making it a direct competitor to platforms like YouTube.
At the same time, the short format, popular among young people, has gained widespread adoption on other social media platforms.
Instagram launched Reels in the summer of 2020, and YouTube now offers the Shorts feature, allowing users to create short videos in a similar style to TikTok.
This demonstrates that the Chinese app has made its mark in the world of social media and has influenced user habits.