TikTok and Twitch-like Subscription Model

TikTok and Twitch-like Subscription Model

Video and streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube have long been providing content creators with opportunities to earn money not only through advertising partnerships but also through a subscription model. Now, the social media giant TikTok is following their example.

TikTok Live Subscriptions Available for 18+ Only

While platforms like Reddit and Instagram (banned in Russia) have so far shared similarities with TikTok's features, this time the roles have changed: TikTok's new subscription model closely resembles Twitch's streaming platform. A few weeks ago, TikTok enabled large channels to earn revenue through advertising. Now, a new offer is in place—but initially, it's only for creative individuals selected by the video portal.

In the announcement of the new feature called "Live Subscriptions," the goal is to allow the community to regularly support their favorite creators. After a month-long testing phase that started on May 26, 2022, the subscription model will soon be available to all TikTok channels with over 1000 subscribers, provided their owners are 18 years or older. Anyone who wishes to offer a paid subscription must also be at least 18 years old.

TikTok Payment Model: Subscription Prices like Twitch?

For example, in exchange for monthly payments, subscribers will gain access to exclusive chat features, emojis, and badges. Currently, the pricing for different subscriptions is unknown; it's possible that the TikTok service will be based on Twitch's pricing models. According to some creators, the revenue percentage retained by the platform is similar to Twitch's.