The Most Popular Apps in the Russian Market

The Most Popular Apps in the Russian Market

Phones have firmly established themselves in our lives. They have penetrated into all spheres of human activity, from everyday life to job searching. Platforms such as the App Store and Play Market offer thousands of applications for various purposes.


The first place in the ranking of the most popular apps for 2021 was taken by the TikTok app. The service is used for creating, viewing, and sharing short videos. The content in the app is tailored to the user's personal preferences. The published videos can be dedicated to various topics, including education, entertainment, and work.


Following TikTok is the messenger Telegram, created in 2013 by Pavel Durov. It is a convenient application that allows not only communication but also creating and following channels. Many media companies have already embraced this platform. Channels can also cover various topics.

One of the features of Telegram is the ability to create personal stickers.


This unusual application allows users to identify unknown incoming numbers and block spammers. But the popularity of GetContact was brought by a feature that allows users to see how their contact information is saved in other people's contacts. To do this, simply enter your phone number in the corresponding field. For a certain fee, users can also see how many times and who has requested their phone number.


Next on the list is the online marketplace Ozon. Through the mobile app, users get access to more than 9 million items. Ozon is one of the first Russian internet marketplaces. The assortment includes electronics, clothing, groceries, cosmetics, books, and much more.


Previously, the most popular social network ranked fifth. The app allows users to share photos, videos, and live broadcasts.

One of the features of this social network is the ability to create and use creative masks for photos.


The next position is occupied by the messenger WhatsApp, created in 2009. The app allows users to exchange instant text and voice messages. Among the advantages of the messenger are message formatting and backup options.


In seventh place is an online store for clothing, electronics, household goods, and much more. Wildberries has several advantages compared to other platforms. First of all, it includes banner and commercial advertising on social networks. The store also offers one of the fastest deliveries.

Time does not stand still: what was popular in 2021, 2022, and 2023 may not even make it to the top five leaders in the next year. So, it is still uncertain which apps will be the most popular in the following year, 2024.