The benefits of drop domains

The benefits of drop domains

Internet marketing helps solve many tasks. One of the goals can be identified as maximizing profit with minimal financial and time investment. Drop domains have become one of the tools to achieve this.

What are drop domains and who needs them?

In order to have your own website, it is not enough to create it and fill it with necessary information; you also need to provide a unique name (address) for the website on the Internet. This address is called a domain. Creating a domain is not enough; you also have to pay for its hosting on the Internet. This payment is monthly, similar to rent for an apartment. Websites are shut down for various reasons, including when the payment for them stops. In this case, the domain name itself continues to exist on the Internet, but when you visit it, you will not see articles, only information that the domain is for sale.

A drop domain is a website with a specific theme, links to it, and its own history with an expired payment period.

Such domains retain characteristics of authority and facilitate promotion. The demand for drop domains is driven by their names. Domain names were first registered 30 years ago, and since then, the number of domains has been growing daily. Therefore, in our time, it is challenging to find an original, memorable name that corresponds to the business's specifics. However, it is easy to find the necessary name among drop domains. Based on the acquired drop domain, you can create a new website with your own content. Such a website has many advantages over a newly created one.

Pros and cons of acquiring a drop domain

In addition to advantages, of course, there are also disadvantages. To understand them, let's consider both.

Advantages of drop domains

  1. A drop domain is already indexed by search engines, so indexing is guaranteed.
  2. Most likely, the resource still has backlinks, so good citation metrics can be expected.
  3. You can review the previous content of the website, analyze it, and learn from its past experiences to create your own successful content.

Disadvantages of drop domains

  1. The purchased drop domain may be penalized by search engines. While the problem can potentially be solved with Yandex, it is unlikely to be resolved with Google. In such a case, it is easier to promote a new domain than the acquired one.
  2. The drop domain may have a negative history, for example, if illegal activities or illicit schemes were previously conducted on it.
  3. There is a possibility that the purportedly high citation metrics of the drop domain are artificially inflated, making it indistinguishable from a new domain.

How to find a profitable drop domain

From the advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that there are many pitfalls when buying a drop domain, and one should be prepared for them. It is best to check the domain name for any possible issues before making a purchase. You can check the registration date, the website's indexation in search engines, directories, and other parameters.

You can evaluate a drop domain based on the following criteria:

  • Link profile. Using tools like "Moz Open Explorer," you can check which websites provide links to the drop domain.
  • Thematic relevance. For example, on, you can provide a link to the purchased drop domain and see what kind of website it used to be. Searching for a drop domain with the same theme as the future website saves money and time. Check if there has been any rebranding on the website.
  • Website reputation. You can use Google or Yandex. Try the combination "" to see if the website is banned or not.

Features of a high-quality drop domain

  • Significant number of self-referencing links.
  • Consistent theme that matches the new website's topic.
  • Not banned.
  • Not previously involved in suspicious or illegal schemes.

It is advisable to check the potential drop domain for these characteristics before making a purchase to avoid various unpleasant situations.