Subscription to Likes on VKontakte: Purpose and Benefits

Subscription to Likes on VKontakte: Purpose and Benefits

One of the indicators of an actively developing community is the presence of a large number of likes under posted publications. However, not all posts or articles are capable of gaining a lot of likes and reposts. That's why group administrators use special applications to boost likes. These can be both legal and illegal programs. Due to the latter, the community can be blocked and removed from the VKontakte search results.

How to Legally Obtain Likes?

The social network VKontakte allows the use of the service to subscribe to receiving likes. The specified website operates in the following directions:

  1. For a fee, you can subscribe to a certain number of likes;
  2. By purchasing a subscription, each new or existing post will receive the specified number of likes.

A subscription to likes is obtained by filling out a form, but it is necessary to determine the number of likes and posts beforehand.
Among the peculiarities of using the form to receive orders for likes, it is worth noting:

  1. The link to the account is inserted into the VKontakte group;
  2. A link is created for a separate page or post in the community;
  3. At the bottom of the form, there is a "Comments" field for expressing additional terms of resource usage. In particular, promoting old posts, promoting thematic records, public pages, and profiles.


Using a paid website allows you to legally and quickly obtain likes that will be placed under publications according to the agreed schedule. Payment for an order can be made through the following methods:

  1. Through electronic wallets;
  2. Through applications installed on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets;
  3. Through a bank account or bank card.

The method of payment depends solely on the user's individual capabilities and preferences. Once the order is placed, after the appearance of the post in the group or public, the likes will start to appear under it. The owners of the likes will be real subscribers who will put the requested number of likes under the post each day. The average number of likes should not exceed 100 in order to avoid arousing suspicion among moderators.