Services for boosting likes on VK. Risks and opportunities

Services for boosting likes on VK. Risks and opportunities

Today, we will talk about which services for boosting likes can be used without risks, and what opportunities these applications open up.

VK! Instagram! Tik Tok! Do you want to see your page in the TOP?

Each of us actively manages our social media pages, but not everyone has millions of followers, so posts and stories do not receive likes and comments. It's frustrating, isn't it?
When you see such "popularity," you can't help but feel sad. You've spent so much time, launched a target audience, upload stories every day, bought new tools to take good content, but nothing seems to work. You start to think, "Do I really need all this?" In the end, you remember the story of Valeria Chekalina, who, after being blocked on Instagram, switched to VK and became the #1 blogger with 1 million subscribers on VKontakte. But are these people real, or did she use services to boost subscribers?

Maybe you should try the top 5 services for boosting and make your page a "magnet for users"?


A platform for promoting accounts on social networks with a good arsenal, which allows you to quickly and efficiently boost likes, comments, views, and subscribers. Bosslike is suitable for all social networks.


This online service is for rapid promotion in two social networks, Instagram and VKontakte. The platform allows you to increase your page's audience, content views, and post comments several times over. This service also provides two types of earnings: attracting partners and performing tasks for boosting subscribers, likes, reposts, polls, and comments.


This platform specializes in promoting internet projects in communities and also helps your personal page on social networks thrive. The platform identifies the criteria of the target audience. The functionality is very wide, from boosting on social networks to promoting on iTunes, Shazam, Spotify, and Soundcloud. We recommend using it!


The advantages of this service include:

  • super fast boost;
  • high-quality bots;
  • reliability first;
  • nice bonuses.

The service operates 24/7, and round-the-clock technical support is ready to assist you.


The service solves the problem of lack of activity in communities, channels, and applications. Here you can get likes, reposts, followers on social networks, and increase the product rating. The app also promotes tracks thanks to SoundCloud users and provides a Telegram bot for comfortable work.
And to conclude the article, here are a couple of tips on "safety": To avoid getting banned, you need to approach this carefully, gradually increasing the boost, for example: 1 post = 100-200 likes/views/followers.
Don't chase after empty users just to show off your active and quickly gaining popularity pages/groups/channels, otherwise, the social network will roll back your efforts or, worse, block you from the application.
In general, with competent SMM management and targeting system, it is not necessary to boost followers, it is better to gain a real, live audience. In any case, "Who does not take risks, does not drink champagne!"