Positioning with Facebook

Positioning with Facebook

In today's world, the use of social networks, including FB, is becoming increasingly necessary for promoting any activity and making one's achievements known to the world.

Positioning with Facebook

It is evident that if you want to attract the attention of Facebook users, for example, to digital typography or, even better, to a beauty salon, it is worth organizing contests where participants can win creams or discounts on services and engage users in discussions about beauty and health.

This is why many SEO specialists intentionally provoke what is known as a "flame war" - online debates on a specific topic, often accompanied by spam emails containing controversial content.

One may wonder why this is done - the more people learn about a company or its website, the more likely they are to become interested and start advocating for a particular topic, thereby increasing the number of visitors and followers of the website.

Is this fair? One might think that such a procedure is a form of deception, but nothing could be further from the truth. As long as users of the internet or potential clients are not subjected to spam, intrusive advertising, or applications, their choices are conscious. It is necessary to present oneself, and showcasing one's side, such as dog food, can be very tiring and challenging amid the competition.

And not everyone plays fair, and that is also a well-known fact.

It is worth focusing on Facebook, which should be the final element of SEO - for many, depending on the business, it can be the most practical. For example, if you have a hair salon, you can invite a couple of girls and give them trendy hairstyles for free, on the condition that they allow their results to be photographed and recommend them on the website and on FB - in this way, simultaneous advertising will become a trade lever. These girls will undoubtedly share their achievements with their friends and visit the fan page and website to see what is offered at the salon. Perhaps they themselves will suggest something, and their posts will be visible to others - thus, if done correctly, promotion will spread across Facebook.