Overview of Applications for Vkontakte Groups: For Administrators and More

Overview of Applications for Vkontakte Groups: For Administrators and More

Are you managing a Vkontakte group?
We know what kind of problems you face.
First thing in the morning, you rush to your computer to check on your subscribers. You open your VK page and review yesterday's activity. You don't even have time to make a cup of coffee because your marketer is waiting for you to deliver content plans and statistics on your latest posts. All you can do is eat the sandwich from last night and wash it down with drops of valerian. You worked all night and slept in an uncomfortable chair at your desk. All because your posts about cats, which you worked so hard on the design and the difficult-to-write texts, didn't get enough likes. Now, you need to come up with something urgently to keep your community's subscribers from fleeing to other groups, and to avoid getting fired by your boss.
Take a deep breath and relax. Reanimation is not necessary yet. We've compiled some applications that will save you from a heart attack.

Large advertising budget but low conversion rates? The issue is targeting and audience setup.


This is a universal tool that can search for users based on geography, age, gender, groups, and their activity level on the social network. It also allows you to extract various data from VK, such as a list of people who liked a particular post or a list of all group subscribers.

Target Hunter

This is a set of 90 tools for searching and analyzing data about the target audience on VK. With it, you can:

  • Identify the most popular groups of your target audience;
  • Clean your account of fakes and bots;
  • Find comments and posts based on keywords!

The service also allows you to set up notifications in Telegram. To conduct an advertising campaign without considering "dead" subscribers, you can filter the target audience by comments, reposts, and likes.

Support your reports with analytics and statistical data using these services:


Your online assistant for analyzing VK content and audience. The service collects statistical data on the interests of your target audience and provides information on reposts, likes, comments, and the engagement level of subscribers. The huge advantage of this application is that reports can be exported in different formats, including XLSX and PDF, and data can be collected not only from VK but also from Odnoklassniki and Facebook.


A program with a well-thought-out interface and pleasant graphics for collecting detailed statistics and web analytics for VK, YouTube, and Facebook communities. Developers position the service as a tool for building effective interaction between businesses and social media audiences. It includes about 30 useful metrics for admins and internet marketers.

Now you can work on the design of the community and update posts:


The main platform for graphic design with a huge library of free templates, illustrations on various topics, and fonts provided for free. In Canva, you can edit photos and create graphic elements and motion, even without skills and knowledge in the field of design.


Need a cool avatar for the community page? A couple of minutes experimenting with widgets and it's done! Fast! Beautiful! Original!

For automatic posting and scheduling of delayed posts:


A great time-management assistant: plan the uploading of publications with accuracy down to the second. With the help of the service, you can easily add and view content, make edits, and also manage files that were previously uploaded to VK.


The platform automates posting to any account on all social networks as soon as you answer PublBox's questions. The answers to these questions develop an algorithm for placing content and make it easy to manage promotions and promotional materials. Additionally, the platform provides the ability to use a full set of SMM tools to analyze social network audiences and create beautiful and unique publications using the built-in graphics editor.

Now we monitor mentions of the company (brand) on social media, using these applications:


Your ready-made manager for working with subscribers and customers. It tracks mentions of the trademark in blogs, social networks, and news sites. This is an important tool for reputation management, conducting marketing research, and timely work with customers, their objections, and negativity.


A high-speed service that allows you to track comments in VK communities and other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. A platform for monitoring mentions on social media. By setting the necessary keywords in Chotam, you can set up notifications to be sent to your email address, administrator's personal messages, or Telegram.

There are no more reasons to worry. You can work, live, sleep (underline the necessary) - peacefully! There are solutions for all your work tasks and plans. Now, you no longer need to shake and drink valerian in the mornings, feel free to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee!