Is it worth acquiring natural links from social networks?

Is it worth acquiring natural links from social networks?

A natural link is a link that was added for free. Social networks are an ideal platform for acquiring such links. From an SEO perspective and ranking factors, links from social networks do not directly influence search rankings, as Google employees explained in 2014. Does this mean they should not be used?

Links from social networks typically have a nofollow attribute, meaning they are not taken into account during indexing. However, they still hold value as they help maintain a balanced link-building strategy, preventing search engines from viewing the site as a potential ranking manipulator. While social signals are not a ranking factor, they do influence many other aspects.

Social media platforms like VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are accessible not only to logged-in users but can also be accessed by search engine web crawlers. Interactions on the Internet have an impact on rankings.

Advantages of having links from social media platforms

Increased traffic

Social networks are one of the best sources of traffic for a website. Restaurants, hotels, shops, cultural institutions, and even government agencies, all have at least one account on social media. By placing a link to your homepage in your profile, you can attract users who may visit your official website if you create interesting content.

Expanded audience reach

Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube – these are major social media platforms with billions of users. Each platform caters to different target groups. By using all of them, you can increase your chances of reaching a new audience.

Building a trustworthy image

Social proof is one of the most effective marketing techniques for influencing the viability of an e-commerce website. This is because it involves the ability to influence other people who are seeking authorities to follow on the Internet. Social networks provide an opportunity to present oneself in a more down-to-earth manner, tell your story, explain your mission, or engage with your audience.

Brand visibility enhancement

The aforementioned elements contribute to the overall image of a company. Interacting with subscribers allows you to increase brand visibility, creating positive associations with your activities. In today's world, everyone seeks a connected online community, so offering your audience something more - a friendly, safe environment that embraces diversity - is essential.

Audience data insights

From an analytical point of view, social media helps gather demographic data about your audience, which can be used to create better advertising campaigns. It allows you to check:

  • The best time of day and days of the week to publish content.
  • Which posts are the most popular.
  • Whether subscribers share the content.
  • What competitors are doing.
  • If your advertising is correctly targeted.

Sales support

Finally, there's an impact on sales. Through posts, you can provide links to specific product pages on your website, thus shortening the potential customer's path to making a purchase. Collaborating with influencers can also help in acquiring valuable backlinks from their followers.


Placing links on social media should be a part of any online popularity strategy. It's essential to remember that Internet resources are growing every day. Everything a user interacts with in the virtual world is interconnected, and social networks are a part of this structure. So, if you want to be popular and earn the trust of your audience, you shouldn't ignore them.