Increasing Reach on Instagram

Increasing Reach on Instagram

Interested in ways to increase audience reach and views? This article will provide you with useful tips on how to make your Instagram account one of the most popular!

What is reach?

Reach is an indicator of how many users have seen/viewed your posts. In simple terms, the higher the reach, the more views, and therefore, more followers!

Only fresh content

It is recommended not to post on topics that have already become "cold." Keep track of what is currently popular, what users like, and try to develop that topic more creatively. Additionally, if you post a text-based post, it's preferable to complement it with a selfie, as it engages readers towards you! Don't chase after "proven" topics! Come up with your own ideas, experiment, and try new things!

Stories - a reliable helper!

By sharing what you like, how you spend your day, and what you aspire to, you attract the sympathy of users. Don't be afraid to appear "boring"; record your stories from the heart, and people will notice it!

The first hour after posting!

The first hour after you've posted something is the most crucial! Why? Because if your post doesn't gain the desired or approximate number of likes and reach within the first hour, then rest assured it didn't "take off" in recommendations, and therefore, you shouldn't expect excellent performance from it. It's better to prepare a new idea!

Don't harm your account on your own!

If you think that using a bunch of hashtags, bot programs, or engagement manipulation will increase your audience reach, you are mistaken! The platform carefully scans any suspicious activity and can detect bots and manipulation immediately. If Instagram suspects you of fraud, you risk ending up in a shadow ban!

More is not always better!

In the pursuit of growing their accounts, people try to post 5-6 times a day, thinking it will help them appear in "recommendations" or increase organic reach, but they don't realize how wrong they are! By posting too many times, they forget that it affects the quality of the posts. The most reliable way to increase your reach is to work meticulously on the quality and relevance of your content! Interesting, unusual, and informative posts will help your account!

"Befriend" your followers

To have your posts shared and saved, you should come up with your own tradition, for example, a specific day when you post facts about yourself or Mondays when you write posts with your favorite quotes to boost spirits for the whole workweek, and so on. Share about yourself, share things that can inspire or uplift your followers, and don't forget to ask engaging questions so that people comment on your posts and save them.

Most importantly, don't rush and invest enthusiasm into your content!
Avoid trying to copy others. Develop yourself independently!