How to Use Clubhouse for Arbitrage Traders

How to Use Clubhouse for Arbitrage Traders

What is this new social network?

It is worth noting that when Clubhouse first appeared, it became the most popular app in the App Store and ranked first in terms of downloads, surpassing the popular TikTok.

However, the main feature of the app is that it allows you to listen to your idols. Many celebrities quickly started using this novelty, so if you're lucky, you can easily "chat about life" with them personally. The app has its own special recommendation system. It works in such a way that if you want to share something with Clubhouse users, it will recommend you to new users.

How to get into Clubhouse?

Previously, to join Clubhouse, you could only do so by receiving a special invitation (invite) from an existing user of the app. New Clubhouse members were given two invitations, so you had to ask your friends for one. Another option was to buy an invitation on Avito.

Now it is quite simple to register using your phone number. You select "Log in" → enter your phone number → enter the code sent to you.

"Accessibility for all" is one of the reasons why Clubhouse is no longer as appealing. By the way, previously, only iPhone users could invite others, which added even more exclusivity and importance. Once the platform became available to Android users, the hype died down. Later on, they even opened access without invitations (apparently, they wanted to attract new people and regain their former glory).

What was behind the closed door?

The main feature of Clubhouse is its audio rooms. It seems like the creators should have named the app Clubroom, but apparently, they decided it didn't sound as cool. Any visitor can create these audio zones, making them either private or, accordingly, public. You can see and participate in the audio spaces of people you have subscribed to.

The rooms are designed in such a way that there are three types of visitors: speakers, regular listeners, and moderators. If you want to become a speaker, you need to submit a request to the creator of the audio room, and they have to approve it. Keep in mind that no more than 6,000 people can gather in one such place.

Clubhouse - the last bastion of the free Internet?!

The exceptional significance of this social network lies in the fact that it provides freedom of speech, which is very relevant nowadays. And, it should be noted, this freedom is more comprehensive than it may seem at first glance. This is most likely the reason why the app has been banned in China, which argued that the social network promotes criticism of the party line.

All other users can freely discuss various topics. The ubiquitous tolerance here is only manifested in the prohibition of spreading various kinds of negative information (how exactly this is regulated is still unknown).

An illustrative example of how comprehensive the freedom of action for participants in this app is the situation with Vladimir Solovyov. The famous TV presenter created rooms in Clubhouse three times, but each time he was struck with strikes by other participants of the social network.

How to Act as Arbitrage Traders

Clubhouse is a unique platform and an additional tool for communicating with your followers and partners.

Now, if we talk about earning money through arbitrage in this new social network, it remains a waiting game until advertising activities appear on Clubhouse. Everyone understands that sooner or later this question will arise because social networks need to sustain themselves.

However, there are already some loopholes, for example, rooms on behalf of businesses where you can promote your product. But the problem lies in the fact that no one has figured out how to provide links to interested individuals yet =)

Look for ways to boost behavioral factors on Clubhouse that will push you to the top and recommendations. Test different approaches and combinations of followers, likes, and listens.

Be prepared to compete with others. If you create something groundbreaking, large companies with an existing loyal audience will immediately copy your idea. You should always have the next move in reserve.