How to shoot reels: instructions and life hacks

How to shoot reels: instructions and life hacks

How to shoot reels, instructions, and a bonus app for editing. In our previous article, we discussed what Instagram stories are, how they work, and how to shoot them. Today, we'll continue the topic about Instagram and cover: What are reels and why do we need them? How to shoot reels? And a couple of interesting, useful editing tools.
The video format reels on Instagram was introduced in 2020. It is designed for creating creative clips up to 60 seconds long. The highlight of this format is:

  1. The ability to put your favorite music in the clip, as well as choosing from Instagram's library;
  2. Using built-in editors and effects, as well as separate apps;
  3. The choice of format, length, and quality of the video clip. Reels not only reaches your Instagram followers, but it also targets the entire field of topics that interest you and promotes it in that circle.

Reels Format

The standard format for reels:

  • Vertical video - 9:16;
  • Duration - from 0.1 to 60 seconds;
  • Resolution - 600 by 1067 and 1080 by 1920 pixels.
  • Video format - 4K is not supported.

This is necessary for creating high-quality, vibrant, and beautiful short video clips that are becoming more and more popular every day. For example, for people who want to entertain themselves and quickly pass the time, there are various themes, such as animals, entertainment shows, ridiculous moments of people, and much more.

Additionally, this is a useful tool for promoting businesses such as online stores, beauty salons, various services, and online schools like Loftschool:

How to film reels?

There are a few rules to follow to ensure that your reels video is recommended not only to your followers but also to the audience that enjoys the content you create. These rules include:

  1. Not breaking the guidelines;
  2. Not using someone else's videos;
  3. Not publishing watermarks and large amounts of text.

There are several options for filming and uploading videos.
One of which is to film a video through the Instagram app.
Open the app > swipe right > the camera opens > select reels mode under the circle > press and hold the circle. Done.
The second way is to film a video on your phone > open the Instagram app > open the camera > select reels mode > tap the square in the lower left corner > select the video > upload it.
It's not that difficult, is it? Really?
The app itself has many built-in filters, masks, music, and more. But what if you want something else? For example, you liked another video editing app. You filmed a clip there, edited it, and want to transfer it to Instagram? No problem.

Video Editing Programs for Reels

Top 3 video editors that will help you put together and enhance your story and showcase it to your audience.

  1. Wondershare Filmora - a top-tier editor with high-quality tools. The variety of filters and special effects available in the app allow you to show users something new, beautiful, and vibrant, everything you need for Instagram reels is available in this app. And that's not all, you can also add animations, frame functions, and motion tracking.
  2. Instagram app - this app is perfect for creating reels without having to download a separate video editing app. It has a lot of features and tools for editing, such as the "Align" tab, which combines multiple videos into one clip, which in turn attracts users with its brightness and beautiful effect.
  3. iMovie - this is a video editor. Its capabilities include many different features like "Align". Understanding how the editor works is easy. One click and you're done. There is a built-in music library, the ability to record voiceovers, background mode settings, and a title, which makes the overall frame look cohesive and attractive.

Read. Use. Enjoy.
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