How to make money on Vkontakte: 8 ways

How to make money on Vkontakte: 8 ways

Vkontakte is a social network similar to Instagram. Many people say that user activity has noticeably declined, while others argue that the platform is still popular. It's no secret that you can make money on this service. Here are a few ideas.

1. Earning on a personal page

What does this earning opportunity entail? You should create your own account, promote it well by attracting many subscribers, and then you can place advertising posts. The most important thing is not to be lazy because you can't earn on a blog right away. It takes a lot of patience and hard work. Earnings depend on the size of your audience and subscribers. With a large audience and few subscribers, not many people will want to advertise on such a page.

2. Selling your own products

If you are engaged in any craftsmanship, you have the opportunity to sell your goods or services. Vkontakte is a large platform with a large audience, so it can be considered a good advertising platform.

3. Advertising your own services

If you are knowledgeable in your field and provide quality work, you can advertise your services. This way, you can increase your sales as more customers learn about your business.

4. Affiliate programs

This option involves ordering a product from an affiliate group, then telling your subscribers about it, giving recommendations, and leaving a link to the product under your post. Depending on the number of purchases made through your link, you will receive the corresponding reward. The most popular affiliate program is AliExpress. You can start collaborating through websites where such offers are posted.

5. Promoting other accounts

Many companies and brands want to attract new readers and subscribers and are willing to spend money on it. You can engage in blog design, create high-quality content, and attract new visitors. This is a highly sought-after opportunity to earn money because for page owners, quality content means the possibility of earning more.

6. Selling groups and communities

There are many exchanges where people sell their blogs. There can be various reasons for this. But it is an opportunity to earn money. Someone with a popular channel can sell it for a large sum. You can also engage in reselling channels.

7. Graphic design

What will you have to do?

  1. Create avatars.
  2. Design profile headers.
  3. Design logos.
  4. Create templates for posts.

This is an incomplete list of tasks a designer should handle when designing a profile. An unformatted community is unlikely to gain trust from clients, so this type of occupation is in high demand now.

8. Community administrator position

In this case, you will have to manage the blog, create quality content, and interact with clients. The average salary for an administrator is $150. The advantage is that you will be able to use a function that allows you to upload multiple articles in advance.