How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

For a long time, I wondered how to make money with Instagram. I read a huge number of guides that only gave me a superficial idea of what to do. I had to figure it out myself, which took about four weeks. But the effort was worth the time spent because now I know what to do to make a profit from my favorite pastime - scrolling through social media.

What you can make money on in Instagram

If you still don't know how to monetize your Insta, take a look at these 4 effective ways. Even a beginner can earn money using them. I personally tried all of these methods and settled on one that was the most interesting to me. After all, work should bring pleasure.

Likes and subscriptions

Not everyone knows that active actions on a social network are generously rewarded. Instead of just scrolling through your feed, I suggest getting paid for leaving comments, liking posts, and following accounts. You can find paid tasks on special marketplaces:

  1. Qcomment - the average price here is 5 rubles. You can complete multiple tasks per day, earning around 400-500 rubles per day. You can withdraw a minimum of 100 rubles. My experience working here is 7 days. I didn't earn much despite spending time on it.
  2. VKTarget - they pay a little, but the minimum withdrawal is only 25 rubles. You need to subscribe to channels, like posts, and write comments. I also lasted a little over a week here. To make good money, you need to accumulate points (levels) for a long time, then the tasks will become more expensive.
  3. Bosslike - with 3 hours of work, you can earn about 300 rubles. Payment is made in points, which you can later exchange for electronic currency. I don't like to complicate things by withdrawing funds, so I quit almost immediately.

There are also services like ForumOk, Prospero, CashBox, and V-Like. There, you have to perform the same actions and receive a small reward for them.

Account administrator

This method is suitable for more advanced users who have been able to promote their account to some extent. You can manage several pages at once and earn a stable income. The responsibilities of an administrator include:

  1. Active communication with followers.
  2. Creating posts, selecting and editing photos.
  3. Generating ideas to promote the profile.
  4. Conducting account statistics.
  5. Finding advertising platforms.

The main task of the administrator is not to harm the client. Since even my own account didn't really develop over 3 years, I decided to start by working on it. I added quality photos and started communicating with followers. It became more fun. I posted several ads looking for account administrators, but I immediately said that my experience was small. One of the seven clients responded. He explained everything and helped me understand my task, and I started taking active actions, for which I was well rewarded. You can promote an account if the topic is interesting to you and you know about it.

Running your own blog

If you have something to show and tell your followers, you can start your own blog and post ads on it. As I mentioned earlier, it is quite possible to manage your own page, attracting people to it.
To interest followers, you need to choose a topic that you understand better than others. Only under these conditions can you maintain the account and attract new subscribers, the number of which directly affects the cost of advertising on the page.
My three-year-old account, which was dead weight, came to life. I am still developing it to start "selling space" for advertising.

Account Promotion

Every account needs a well-thought-out strategy. You can act as a copywriter, writing interesting posts, set up targeted advertising, or select suitable photos.
Knowledge of SEO and SMM basics can help promote the account effectively. The responsibilities of a development employee include:

  1. Increase the number of followers (but not through fake accounts).
  2. Engage the audience. People should like and comment on the materials.
  3. Establish partnerships with other bloggers.

What did I stop at? After studying this field for a long time, I realized that it is possible to promote not only my own account but also someone else's. I want to note that this is the most common way to make money lately.

How much can you earn on Instagram per month

With the right approach, you can earn at least $150 for 1 account. Based on my experience, I can say that I earned $100 rubles on my first project. I wrote posts, searched for suitable images, and communicated with the audience. At first, everything was quite challenging, but when you get on the same wavelength with your subscribers, the work turns into another hobby.

How to find clients

The Instagram audience is vast. Among the subscribers, there are people of different ages and genders. Therefore, to attract them, you need to determine who you really need. If you need followers and potential buyers on an account related to cars or sports equipment, then you should attract men aged 20 and older. The beauty and health-related theme targets women aged 25-30.

What skills and abilities are needed to earn in Instagram

No special skills are required for earning on the internet. The main thing is to set a goal and work towards it. Minimal knowledge is needed for those who try to earn with likes. Here, only perseverance is needed. I didn't have enough of it.
Working on promoting accounts requires some experience from the user. Not every page owner will want to work with a person who will learn on them. The client pays and demands results in a short time. But I was lucky to find a loyal platform owner who not only gave me a job, but also explained everything in detail.
In general, earning in Instagram is quite real. With some effort, you can ensure a stable income for many years and say goodbye to the need to go to a stuffy office every day. Most likely, there are those who tried and abandoned this niche. Therefore, it is interesting to know why?!