How to earn money from reselling communities

How to earn money from reselling communities

It's no secret that a successful social media community can be a good source of income. That's why many people aspire to become community owners, while existing owners occasionally abandon the idea of owning a community that already generates revenue.

Essentially, there are three ways to earn money from reselling communities on social media:

Selling communities for a higher price than what was paid

This method is straightforward. Communities are bought and sold by hundreds of users every day. Finding a platform for this is easy, both within the social network where potential buyers are interested and on external websites. The only challenge is to find a valuable community at a low price and then find a buyer willing to pay the specified price. This carries the risk of acquiring a community that you won't be able to sell later.

Buying abandoned communities and reviving them

This method is also not difficult but requires a creative approach. Most communities are put up for sale by their owners precisely because the activity in these communities has dropped to zero, and the owner is unwilling to fix it. Therefore, these communities are sold at a relatively low price, while a community with the same number of subscribers and high activity would be worth much more. You just need to make efforts to rekindle interest among the audience in that community and find an interested buyer.

Becoming a guarantor for community buying and selling

To understand what a guarantor is, you need to know how "off-market" community transactions work. It's no secret that for a successful sale of a community, there needs to be a third party between the buyer and the seller who can oversee the process and prevent fraud on either side. This third party is the guarantor, especially when the buying and selling occur outside of a dedicated exchange. The guarantor initially holds the buyer's money and then, when the rights to the community are fully transferred to the buyer, passes the money to the seller, keeping a predetermined percentage of the transaction amount.
To become a guarantor, you need to create conditions that would make clients come to you. This includes establishing a positive reputation backed by positive reviews and engaging in self-promotion among people involved in buying and selling communities.
It is entirely possible to earn money from reselling communities, and there are various ways to do it.