How to earn money by completing tasks (likes, reposts, subscriptions)?

How to earn money by completing tasks (likes, reposts, subscriptions)?

When you don't have the opportunity to go out to work and earn money, many people look for part-time jobs online. But if you don't have professional education in a specific field, it can be difficult to find one. Or is it?

These days, there are many previously unknown ways to make money.

Here, we will talk about earning money online by completing simple tasks. These tasks don't require professionalism or a degree. The most important thing is to be diligent and have free time available.

You can earn money online by doing likes, comments, and subscriptions on social media. You get paid for various reasons, such as increasing reach, potential clients for advertising services, and so on.

Action Algorithm to Start Working

The first thing you need to do is register on a website for earning money. Here are some examples of suitable websites for work. These websites post tasks for you to work on.

  1. VKtarget. This website is the most common platform for earning money through simple tasks. It has been around for a while and has its pros and cons. For example, there may be few tasks available, but the verification process is fast, and the payment is quick. There are specific requirements for working with certain social networks.
  2. ForumOK. This website provides only necessary information. There is no unnecessary clutter, but it also has its downsides. The payment and deadlines are determined by the advertiser themselves, and the payment may not arrive immediately after completion. There's no guarantee that your work will be accepted. However, there are many orders from different social networks, which is a plus.
  3. V-like. There is a variety of tasks available on this website, all listed in one section. The number of tasks depends on the type you choose. The downside is the low payment for completing tasks (sometimes even very low), and overall, the website doesn't work very well. The work may slow down due to glitches on the site.
  4. BestLiker. This website has a referral program where you invite others and receive 10% of their earnings. There are also additional bonuses after completing 25 tasks and confirming your email. It supports Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki.

During or after registration, it's important to set up your account properly. Your account should be active. An active account must have:

  1. At least 1-2 real photos.
  2. Information about yourself.
  3. Friends.

These points show the minimum requirements, but the effectiveness may depend on how well you work on each one. Add more photos, provide more information about yourself, and add friends.

In order to have tasks available, you need to add active social media accounts that meet the criteria mentioned above.

Compatible Social Networks

  1. VKontakte.
  2. Instagram.
  3. Odnoklassniki.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Twitter.

After registration and adding accounts, you can start completing tasks. It's important to keep an eye on new tasks because they get taken quickly.

Withdrawal of Funds

You can withdraw your earnings using e-wallets. You should have at least one of these wallets: Qiwi Wallet, WebMoney, Yandex.Money (YooMoney). On many websites, it's not possible to withdraw money directly to a bank card, so you'll need to install one of these wallets for convenience. The sooner you do it, the better.