How to download the new Threads app on iOS and Android

How to download the new Threads app on iOS and Android


While Twitter is experiencing some issues, Meta has decided to lure users to its new product. Threads is the name of the new application, which looks like an Instagram clone but functions more like a basic version of Twitter. It is said that within a few hours, the app has been installed by over 30 million people from around the world, except Europe. This is due to the "Digital Markets Act." According to Meta, regulators do not want any app in Europe that is "not designed for the future." Here's how to download the Twitter clone:


For Android users, it's relatively easy: various websites offer the option to download the APK - an alternative app market can be easily found using a Google search. However, this entails the usual risks: the files don't come from the Play Store, so they are not protected by Google Play Protect - which, in the worst case, could introduce malware to your device. Android requires permission to download apps directly from Chrome. This permission can usually be activated in the app settings. To stay safe, it's important to manually check the APK for viruses, for example, using a classic antivirus app for Android.


iPhone owners will have to put in more effort to download Threads. There are two options: you can change the country and region in the settings of your Apple account. Since Threads operates in many other regions worldwide, simply look for a region outside of Europe. However, this only works if there are no active subscriptions in the "old" location. Alternatively, you can create a US Apple ID. To do this, go to Apple's "Manage your Apple ID" page and create a second ID. This requires a US address, but Apple doesn't verify the information. Dealing with incorrect addresses is not in Apple's interest, so it's unclear if this could have any negative consequences. Once you enter the address, the new ID should work. Then, simply sign out of iCloud and sign back in using the US ID. The Threads app should remain on the device if the actual ID is reused.