How to create a profile on Instagram correctly and beautifully

How to create a profile on Instagram correctly and beautifully

As the Japanese director-animator Hayao Miyazaki once said, "All the beauty of the world can easily fit into the head of one person." But in our case, all the beauty of your business can fit into your Instagram profile.
Every company has a business profile on social media, and Instagram is trendy, modern, vibrant, and beautiful. It is a service for online promotion of your business with over 2 billion active users.
If you want to swim in the ocean with sharks, you shouldn't be afraid of sharks!
Let's break it down:

  1. How to properly set up your page.
  2. And how to make your profile beautiful.

Your business profile should meet the main requirements:

  1. Relevance - your profile should be easily found by its name. It should provide clear information about your services, product details, prices, and contact information.
  2. Attractiveness - to make your profile stand out among competitors, create high-quality photos, videos, or animations. This can be done by a good SMM specialist or a professional photographer. Of course, to keep your page consistently active, you will need an SMM specialist.
  3. Username - one of the key elements of your recognition. It should be unique yet simple, relevant to your business, easy to read and remember.
  4. Brand Identity - the profile header, also known as the "avatar." Below it, there should be a brief description of your company, what you do, what you offer, and perhaps a mention of a few achievements.

What do you need for a beautiful and proper avatar?

First and foremost, it should represent you immediately. This means the image should be memorable, showcase your field of activity, allowing users to recognize you instantly. It should be "love at first sight."

What should you avoid when choosing an avatar?

Avoid blurry images, which result from improper lighting and framing.
Avoid using small fonts. There are numerous examples on Instagram where people use small and bold fonts, resulting in blurry and unattractive visuals.
Colors. Don't chase after the trendiest and most popular ones. If your profile is designed with a "rainbow" theme but you run a serious legal services company, few would be inclined to trust such a frivolous firm.

How to properly organize "highlight stories"?

As the saying goes, "give people what they want."
The so-called "story highlights" are located above your feed. You can upload photos and videos there. It's a very useful feature that allows businesses to provide a wide range of services or segment their products into different categories.
Let's take a clothing store as an example and divide it into:

  • Underwear;
  • Outerwear;
  • Lingerie;
  • Jackets, and so on.

You can also divide them based on seasonal products:

  • Spring - Summer;
  • Fall - Winter.

You can create new highlights for promotions, discounts, and more.
Accordingly, each section should be clearly labeled according to what will be inside the story.
Properly organized information requires less effort to access. Follow this advice, update your Instagram profiles, and eagerly await the next news.