How to check an Instagram blogger for fake followers and views

How to check an Instagram blogger for fake followers and views

How to check if Instagram and VK influencers have real followers?

Which services detect bots and fake followers on Instagram and VK?

At the beginning of their careers, many companies need to advertise their products and services, but often they do not have the budget for top influencers. Waiting for word-of-mouth recommendations takes too long and is not profitable, as sales are needed right now. So what can be done in this case? Advertise in newspapers or on television? That's also expensive.
Perhaps you can turn to low-cost influencers? Not a bad idea, as they have a small but quality audience and their followers love them. But are they genuine? Or are they fake? How can you identify whom to trust with advertising your product and be sure that it will bring in new leads? The answer is simple - there are various services for detecting "empty accounts". Let's look at them so that your money won't go "shopping in malls and cafes" in vain?
Empty accounts are called bots that automatically like, comment, and subscribe to "real" users. Here are a few such services:

  1. HypeAuditor - a service that provides comprehensive information about a blogger's audience on Instagram. Thanks to the work of artificial intelligence, the service provides a detailed result, an indicator that combines several metrics. Through HypeAuditor, you will learn all about the "cleanliness" of the user's account and their followers.
  2. Picaton - a service for collecting analytics and statistics on Instagram. Among the metrics are subscription dynamics, media and followers, engagement rate (ER) - how active the audience is on the account or under the publication in social networks. It is a very user-friendly service. It also tracks your own account and provides full analytics.
  3. Epicdetect - an online service for detailed analysis and checking for fake audience growth on Instagram. It determines the growth of followers, their geographic location, and interests.

Using the help of these services, you will no longer encounter "unethical" bloggers.
There are still ways to determine whether an account has many "dead" pages, fake views, and likes. However, this requires more time and patience.
Let's consider some parameters that you can use to identify unethical bloggers:

Bots in subscribers:

Visit the account and check the audience. It is easy to identify bots: no avatar, 5-10 followers, and an empty page. It is slightly more challenging to identify more expensive bots; they may have a real person's photo as an avatar, but they have too many subscriptions, sometimes up to 100,000.

Likes and comments:

Remember that if a person has 10,000 subscribers, it does not mean that all of them will like or comment. Also, if you notice that a publication posted two hours ago has already received 3,000 likes, this sudden surge in hearts is likely from the blogger's fake fans.

Most subscribers from different countries:

For example, you can buy a bot-subscriber from India, Bangladesh, or anywhere else at a low cost. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to international accounts with 10,000 subscribers.

A couple more tips to consider when identifying fraudulent activity:

Ratio of regular and advertising posts:

A reasonable option is to have one advertising publication per week or after five to six of their posts.

Attitude towards subscribers:

Pay attention to the blogger's communication with their audience, their mutual understanding, disputes, and whether this person is suitable for advertising.


Avoid scandalous bloggers. It's better to choose a blogger with a "neutral" position, who doesn't discuss or criticize the two most dangerous topics: politics and religion.

When choosing a blogger for your advertising, rely on the above recommendations and services to identify various "scammers" on the Internet. Don't forget about branding and reputation, because the person you choose for advertising will become the "face" of your product or service, and this will either skyrocket sales and make your brand popular, or the blogger's reputation will overshadow your product and remain associated with it for a long time.