Feedback from subscribers

Feedback from subscribers

Why feedback may be lacking?

  1. You don't notice your subscribers. You ignore them in your posts, don't respond to their messages and questions.
  2. There is no engagement in your blog. You manage your account in a way that not only discourages people from wanting to respond to you, but also leaves them with nothing to respond to. In this case, you should analyze your blogging style and develop or rewrite your content plan.
  3. You are not open to criticism. You cannot accept anyone's opinion about your content. Perhaps you react strongly to comments that you don't like or struggle to engage in dialogue with your audience.
  4. You are not interested in your subscribers' opinions. You don't ask for their advice or give them the opportunity to ask questions, and you only broadcast in one direction.
  5. You may not have genuine subscribers. This is often the case if you have decided to revive an old account that hasn't been active for many years or if you have artificially inflated your follower count with bots.

How can you encourage audience engagement?

  1. Start by answering your own questions. Yes, you heard that right. In the early stages of blogging, people usually don't know you, your reactions, and your responses, so they hesitate to write to you first. This approach will showcase your views and generate interest from your subscribers.
  2. Involve your friends in conversations. Don't hesitate to feature interesting and charismatic friends in your stories.
  3. Begin with polls. You can conduct a poll on a topic that is relevant to many people, and after some time, share the results and provide your own opinion on the matter.
  4. Stay up to date with trends. Always follow blogging innovators, watch and evaluate each of their stories. This way, you'll learn to notice details and incorporate useful features into your blog.
  5. Ask open-ended questions. This approach is good for encouraging people to share their opinions with you.
  6. Provoke discussion. Besides positive comments, you may also receive negative ones because people's opinions can differ from yours. However, remember that it's normal. As many people, as many opinions.
  7. Share screenshots of responses from your subscribers and warmly comment on them. This will show your followers that you read their messages and that you see their comments.

Additionally, constantly strive to

  1. Create conditions for commenting.
  2. Receive comments from subscribers and then respond to them, engaging the person in a dialogue.
  3. Keep your audience interested in your future stories.

How to handle negative comments?

First, consider who this person is and why you should be afraid of them.

Try to answer these questions yourself:

  1. Is this person an expert? In 99% of cases, this immediately dispels negative emotions in your head because when you look at the comment author, you realize that they are not familiar with your field of work, and their criticism is simply meaningless.
  2. Could it be their fear? Often people envy and gossip about others out of fear. It's because you have succeeded in doing something while the comment author hasn't.
  3. Is he speaking from experience? Sometimes try to put yourself in the person's shoes. Think about why they said what they did. Maybe they had a tough day and they accidentally took it out on you? Try not to react to their comment in such a case.