8 services that will recommend good music

8 services that will recommend good music

With the advent of the Internet, music has become more accessible, but at the same time, finding good artists and their compositions has become problematic due to the increased choices. This article will explore 8 services that will recommend good music to music lovers.


Spotify is the most well-known music streaming service, popular among music listeners worldwide. This service surpasses its competitors in most aspects. The reason is that Spotify has a large collection of tracks that is constantly growing. But there is another important advantage - the ability to create your own playlists and share them with all users, and the service also offers recommendations based on your preferences. Spotify tracks the genre and artists that users listen to and creates recommendations. This service is available for free and through a paid subscription, with different subscription options.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the second most popular music streaming service. The catalog of this service includes over 60 million tracks, and the number is growing every day. Finding new music has become easier thanks to personalized recommendations based on your taste and playlists curated by the service's editors. Another advantage is the ability to listen to tracks offline and on all devices.


Yandex.Music is a music service by the company "Yandex." The service helps users find music by providing personalized recommendations for favorite tracks, artists, and albums. The advantage of the service is its browser version, which allows listening to music without limitations, even without authorization.


Boom is the official music application for listening to music from social networks such as VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. The service is developed by Mail.ru. Like its competitors, Boom offers individual recommendations based on user preferences. The difference from other similar services is its focus on Russian-language music by emerging artists.


Deezer is the oldest music service among all existing ones in the market. The service has the largest library of tracks, with over 43 million songs. The special Flow mode, which is an endless playlist, helps curate a selection of tracks based on personal preferences.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a well-known music service by Google, which has a large collection of tracks from various countries. The service has its own mobile application, which is convenient for any user. Google Play Music creates playlists based on mood and curates a selection of new music based on previously listened tracks.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is Google's second project that allows listening to music. It enables users to find music videos, singles, remixes, as well as live performances by artists that were previously uploaded to YouTube. The recommendation algorithm of YouTube Music is highly advanced compared to its competitors. By purchasing a premium account, users gain access to ad-free offline music listening and the ability to download tracks to their phones.