5 absolutely free ways to promote your Telegram channel

5 absolutely free ways to promote your Telegram channel

How to develop your Telegram channel from scratch for free?

In this article, we will explore 5 ways to promote your expert Telegram channel in 2023.
I will share with you the simplest, free, and most effective methods to gain subscribers. Their simplicity will allow you to gain around 100 active and engaged subscribers without putting in much effort.

Method 1

The first thing to consider is that an ordinary user is unlikely to subscribe to a new and unknown channel. Unfortunately, the time when people chased interesting content is gone. Nowadays, channels have turned into something commercial that can bring good profits. There are many competitors who want to promote their Telegram channels just like you. To start, you will need a small number of subscribers so that users will be more likely to subscribe actively. To achieve this, you can resort to boosting, but since we are talking about free methods, you will have to put in a little effort. The most basic method is simply inviting friends who can help support you as human beings. However, you should be cautious with this method as you can get banned for spamming. This method is the first on our list of promotion methods.

Method 2

The second method involves inviting friends or followers from various social media platforms. It is important to remember that you need to interest the user and introduce them to what you offer. You should ask yourself, "Why is it specifically beneficial to this person?" The answer to this question is simple:

  1. Specific benefit;
  2. Lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a free resource that indirectly tells people what you provide in your services, introduces yourself, and may even lead to further collaboration. A lead magnet can be a guide, instructions, a free lesson, etc.
Remember, if you provide a specific benefit and people are eager to obtain it, your Telegram channel will start attracting a targeted audience. So, I encourage you not to be discouraged if someone does not follow you because it means they are no longer interested in the activities you engage in!

Method 3

The most popular method is commenting.
You should comment on behalf of your Telegram channel. This can help when someone in a chat or comment section could quickly navigate to your channel. This method is one of the most practical ones as you can gain a certain number of subscribers in a very short period of time. The first thing you should do is find channels that may have your target audience. These channels can be similar blogs or your colleagues who already have their own audience. The second and most important step is to join the discussion and simply leave a comment. However, there is a slight difficulty with this seemingly simple method. The difficulty lies in not simply writing "Hi, join my Telegram channel." You need to provide some information about who you are and what you do. This significantly increases user engagement.

Method 4

The next method is slightly less obvious but equally effective as the others. It involves utilizing chat groups. Think about the times when you communicated or are currently communicating in group chats with classmates, colleagues, or acquaintances. There might be people in these chats who could benefit from and be interested in the information you provide in your channel. Our next task is to create a small text description of your Telegram channel (highlighting its usefulness, what it is about, and what interesting content it offers), and then we proceed to write messages like "Hi guys, I created my own channel, and I would be glad if you subscribe" and further describe it.

Method 5

And finally, the last method is networking chats. Many experts create networking chats where people can connect, exchange valuable information, be mutually beneficial, seek collaboration, and even host joint broadcasts. In such networking chats, you can effectively present yourself. To do this, simply write a compelling self-introduction and a presentation of your channel. It shouldn't be very long but must be clear, highlighting specific benefits and triggers that can attract people to your channel. There are numerous networking chats available, providing enough opportunities to test your self-introduction and determine which one works best for you.
Networking chats can be searched based on your specific theme. There are also multifunctional chats where people from different fields gather to exchange experiences, valuable information, and promote their channels. Be prepared that not everyone will be willing to listen. Most people join these chats to say something themselves, which is why it's important to create a self-introduction that genuinely interests users.

These were the 5 simplest methods to promote your Telegram channel from scratch. In this article, I shared my personal experience with free channel promotion.