10 ideas on how to unpack your life in Stories

10 ideas on how to unpack your life in Stories

1. Morning Routine

Show your followers how you get ready for school/work. People are interested in seeing routines they can relate to. Stories with breakfast, morning stretches, and everyday makeup will skyrocket your engagement.

2. Your Friends/Family/Colleagues

Show how you spend time with them. Record time-lapses, TikToks, goof around. It's not always about sharing useful content!

3. Interesting Stories

Share Stories about intriguing events that happened to you recently. Keep your audience engaged with compelling narratives.

4. Hobbies

Show what you do in your free time. Maybe it's sports? Or you enjoy producing music? Perhaps you paint? Share your personal creative achievements with your followers.

5. Food and Cooking Process

Show what you're having for breakfast, for example. Yes, people are still interested in what's on your plate!

6. Home Routine

You won't believe it, but people love seeing familiar and relatable things. Show how you clean or do the dishes. You'll be amazed by the response!

7. Outfits

Show off your outfit of the day! Maybe you have a great fashion sense or bought something new? Take a mirror selfie or position the camera at a convenient spot for a full-body view.

8. Surroundings

Show where you live and where you go – events and different places. Surely, you go outside your apartment sometimes. Is there a must-visit place in your city that everyone should see? People are interested in more than just you!

9. Childhood Photos

Firstly, it's incredibly cute. And secondly, it's always nice to dive into memories and share a childhood story that will touch many hearts.

10. Dance

This is a category that should be part of everyone's content besides hobbies! Dancing in front of the camera is liberating, both in real life and in your blog. Let yourself shine!